5 Quick Tips For Your Professional Headshot – Hampton Roads Photographer

Preparing for a professional headshot can be stressful — but it doesn’t have to be! Your professional headshot is the first impression your clients will have of you. It should reflect who you are in the most positive light.

Here are 5 Quick Tips to ensure a positive professional headshot experience.

1. Hire a Professional
We all have smartphones capable of taking nice pictures…but even the best selfie doesn’t come off as professional. A professional photographer will have the knowledge to properly compose, light, and capture the image. Their job doesn’t stop at the session either; they know how to properly edit the photo to take care of any blemishes and lighten wrinkles without giving you the plastic, fake look of most apps.


2. Wear an Outfit You Feel Most Confident In
People get too caught up in what others will think they look best in. If you feel your best, you will look your best! So, before you go shopping for a new outfit, think about what you have in your closet that you LOVE how you look and feel when you put it on! However, I recommend staying away from busy patterns as they can be distracting and may not work with different platforms and advertising.

3. Dress for the Client You Want to Attract
Wearing what you feel best in is your starting point…but you also need to make sure you wear something appropriate to your position. For instance, a financial advisor should wear a professional suit but a painter can wear nice jeans and a T-shirt. It’s all about dressing for the clientele you’d like to attract.


4. Have Your Hair & Makeup Done

For the men, having your hair cut a few days to a week prior to the shoot will give your hair time to settle before the shoot while still having that fresh, new haircut look. For the ladies, having someone do your hair and makeup will take a lot of stress off your shoulders and help you look your best for your session. Be sure to have any cut or color done a few days to a week prior to the shoot as well. And if you’re working with a budget, I recommend asking your hairdresser to show you some easy styling tips for your hair you can use for the shoot. For make
up, many Mary Kay reps offer free makeup to their clients for these sort of sessions. I recommend my good friend Nikki Moriarty!


5. Have Fun With It!
You should always have a genuine smile in your headshots! It is easy to tell when someone has a fake smile in their photos. If you really want to reach your clients, having a smile that reaches your eyes will make you seem more approachable and trustworthy. One of my biggest tips to all my clients is to loosen up and have fun!



I hope these tips helped you out with your next session! Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter for more tips to come! <3 — Leah Ariel

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