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I tend to see a lot of folks who just want a plain professional headshot. For some reason, the plain black backdrop has become the standard for professionalism in the area. I certainly don’t mind this approach, in some cases, but it takes away the opportunity to personalize your headshot. To add just a little personal flair to headshots, I love to add a little light from an external light source. This way, the color isn’t over powering the subject, but it is still more unique.

1. Choosing a color to match the subject’s personality.
I like to talk to my clients before we meet for our headshots: sometimes it’s a short phone conversation, sometimes it’s someone I’ve known through networking. I can usually get a sense for someone’s personality and choose a color that represents who they are.

mary kay headshot

2. Choose a color based on their industry. 
Most companies have company colors. I like to check their website, social media, etc to get a feel for the general colors that their company uses. This is a great way to decide what colors would make their headshots unique to their business.

3. Of course, customize it to your look!
I never want to make the color cause my subject to be lost into the backdrop. So, I like to choose a pop of color from their outfit or appearance to make that small piece stand out more, maybe even use their eye color… This also creates a better feeling of depth and connection with the headshot.



I hope to be adding color to your headshots soon! – Leah

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