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“You don’t know what you don’t know.” 


Have you ever just wanted to feel good? To feel a whole lot better than what you are feeling right now?


I know I have. There have been multiple moments in my life where I was striving to feel more...optimal. Just trying to make my ‘good’ a little better...can’t you relate? 


I come across so many different people who have the same thing in common - they just want to be better. Whether it’s their health, their career or their family life. People all have the same thing in common - feeling better than where they’re at in this moment. 


They search and search for that better feeling and sometimes come up short in actually finding it. It’s a common denominator in our society as a whole. We all just want to become better and that “better” can be defined with very unique definitions. But overall wellness and well-being usually make up the crux of the better.


That’s why I love Angela Westmeyer and what she does day in and day out. 


When I think about Angela, I think about all the amazing ways that she has set herself up to help people discover how good they can actually feel. 


Not only does Angela promote wellness, she also promotes building up entrepreneurial skills that will help clients be successful in their walk of life. 


Feeling healthy impacts every area of a person’s life. How we interact with the people around us, with the environment we live in every single day...everything from our productivity to our ability to influence the atmosphere  in our tiny corner of the universe is in some way influenced by our health and wellness state. 


Every time I see Angela, she tells me great things about her current clients. Her positivity radiates from her being which simply shows me that she has the tools to promote a healthy way of living. 


Angela is truly all about showing people the “better” that they can achieve. It starts small. It won’t be something that happens overnight, but by taking the first few steps, your better can become your BEST.


Angela is a godsend for the society we live in today. She offers not only help, but solutions to her clients’ every needs - from business questions to tips on how to stay healthy during “sickness hour” in the office. 


Since I started working with Angela, she has moved from solely promoting a wellness lifestyle to teaching her followers how to become business savvy in their own circle of people. She truly is all about learning to live your best life TODAY. 


Clients don’t ever have to wait to achieve the better they are looking for because I’ve seen it proven that with Angela, better is right around the bend. 


Link to Angela’s website:


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