At-Home Personal Branding Session – Hampton Roads Photographer

You have probably heard the term "personal branding" by now. And immediately you thought, "Why does anyone need a personal brand?" There are actually so many simple reasons it is important to have a developed personal brand these days.

Stephanie Wilcox is a Color Street nail rep (I LOOOOVE Color Street btw!) and is developing her own blog. Developing a personal brand will benefit her business goals in multiple ways.

  1. Working in direct sales, there are likely hundreds of people in your area that do exactly what you do. Creating a personal brand to attract like-minded people and help you connect with your audience will grow your business the right way! Stop chasing down customers and let the RIGHT customers be attracted to you.
  2. Creating professional looking blog content on your own can be quite a challenge. Taking the time to plan the photos to only come up short with low-quality cell phone photos is super disappointing. Having a professional take photos you can use for your brand AND blog posts content (two birds, one stone) will increase your professionalism when looking for blog sponsors.
  3.  Consistency. Your brand should be consistent so that anyone can recognize it without even reading the title. Consistent style images will create a unique brand fingerprint.

So you're ready for your session but don't know where to take the photos. Branding photos at home can look professional while connecting your audience to the authentic you! Your house doesn't have to be painted stark white, you don't have to have marble counter tops and fancy appliances...your house doesn't even have to be super clean! A good photographer knows how to properly stage a photo in just about every circumstance.

For Stephanie's session, we took photos that she can use on social media, her website, and for strategic blog posts. Messy, off-brand color office? Heck Yes! This will be a transformation blog post so we need photos of the before! Creating a beautiful bouquet, how-to on caring for orchids, how-to compost in your home, making lemonade out of lemons, applying Color Street nails...these are just a few blog posts she can create using the photos from our ONE in-home session.

I can't wait for this girl's blog to be up and running so I can share even more of her amazingness with you!

You CAN check out her Color Street Nails link here:

Talk to ya'll again later!
- Leah

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