Barbara Redner - Mary Kay Branding Images // Hampton Roads Photographer

I have worked with Barbara Redner MANY times over my career and she is always so much fun! Our personalities click very well, which is always awesome for a repeat client. She prefers silly pictures of herself and I prefer being silly!

It is easy to assume that because she works with a multilevel marketing company, Mary Kay, that she doesn't need any personal content created because her company provides it for her. WRONG! It is this exact reason that she NEEDS images that help her stand out from all of the other Mary Kay reps in our area. People want to buy from YOU they don't want to buy from a company. I know there are some products I could get more easily at the supermarket...but I order them from my friends because I want my friends to succeed in any of their endeavors.

Take a peek below and see what we created for Barbara! Then head on over to her page and give her a Like!

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