Being Adaptable — Hampton Roads Photographer

One thing I have had to learn over the years is how important it is to be adaptable as a photographer. While consistency in product is key, being able to adapt to conditions or a client’s vision is key.

Remote Employees


I have worked with a lot of clients who have home offices in different states or even countries. Quite often, their company will require they have a headshot of similar style to their coworkers at headquarters. I have learned how to recreate these styles for my clients.

Shooting at Sunset or High Noon

family portrait

Shooting outside can be a challenge as the conditions are always unpredictable. However, shooting an hour or so before sunset is pretty much always your best bet. Which means, shooting at noon when the sun is bright and casting harsh shadows is a photographer’s nightmare. Having a photographer that is experience with various outdoor conditions means when a schedule is tight, we can work it out.

Natural Light & Studio Lighting


When you’re planning your marketing strategy, it can be extremely beneficial to have a large variety of images to choose from. Having a photographer that can work with both natural lighting and studio lighting means you can have options.

Photography is a lot like life and I think it’s important to have the knowledge to meet any circumstances that come your way.

— Leah <3

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