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Professional Branding – Color Street Nails

Color Street Nails provide an excellent product for the busy woman. I know I love applying their nails with my kiddos because I don’t have to worry about wet nail polish getting everywhere or smudging it immediately after applying. When Cassandra told me she was in need of new branding images, I was thrilled to … Read more

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Barbara Redner – Mary Kay Branding Images // Hampton Roads Photographer

Barbara Redner – Mary Kay Branding Images // Hampton Roads Photographer I have worked with Barbara Redner MANY times over my career and she is always so much fun! Our personalities click very well, which is always awesome for a repeat client. She prefers silly pictures of herself and I prefer being silly! It is … Read more

mouse pad product photography

Mouse Pad Product Photography – Hampton Roads Photography

Back to school or back to work, it doesn’t have to be boring! I had such a fun time capturing photos of this awesome mousepad by ByCuddles. It’s bright colors & artistic elements make it perfect for kids and adults. With everything goin on in the world, myself & my assistant modeled this product to … Read more

apple watch product photography

Custom Watch Band Product Photography – Brand Photography

Custom Watch Band Photography – Brand Photographer – Hampton Roads To me, product photography is like therapy. It is calming, relaxing, and personal. There isn’t the pressure of a clock ticking down, I’m not surrounded by people, and I can take the time to think steps through. Don’t get me wrong, I looooove working with … Read more

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Business’ New Normal / BPC Content

Business’ New Normal / BPC Content What does your response to COVID-19 say about you? You have probably thought about what life will look like for your family’s new normal, but have you considered what that means for your business? Your customers are waiting to fear from you! They want to know how to continue … Read more

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How Real Estate Has Adapted l Hampton Roads Photographer

How Real Estate Has Adapted l Hampton Roads Photographer Every industry has experienced some setbacks and struggles during these difficult times. One industry I have seen thriving through adaptation? Real estate! My clients at Verity Group Real Estate Solutions have been a shining example of the many different ways you can find ways to adapt … Read more

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Why Outsource? 3 Key, Not-So-Obvious Reasons Why l Hampton Roads Photographer

As a savvy business owner, mom and Executive with my family business…I wear many hats. However, part of being superwoman to the ones I love means admitting: I can’t do everything.   I am not a hairdresser…so I hire a hairstylist. Why? She knows how to cut, color and style hair. I trust her expertise … Read more

real estate marketing

Verity Group Real Estate Team l Hampton Roads Branding Photography

We do business with people we know, like and trust. We create relationships to handle life’s transactions…then we do what we can to foster those relationships for future transactions. When I go for my morning coffee, I hope my favorite barista is working. Even at the bank, I go to the same teller each time. … Read more

health and wellness branding

Angela Westmeyer, Blog I Planting the Seeds of a Healthier You. l Personal Brand Photography

“You know…you don’t know what you don’t know.”    Have you ever just wanted to feel good? To feel a whole lot better than what you are feeling right now?   I know I have. There have been multiple moments in my life where I was striving to feel more…optimal. Just trying to make my … Read more

At-Home Personal Branding Session – Hampton Roads Photographer

You have probably heard the term “personal branding” by now. And immediately you thought, “Why does anyone need a personal brand?” There are actually so many simple reasons it is important to have a developed personal brand these days. Stephanie Wilcox is a Color Street nail rep (I LOOOOVE Color Street btw!) and is developing … Read more

yoga branding photography

Faye Downey Branding: Speaker, Coach, & Mom Boss – Hampton Roads Branding Photography

Planning a branding session for this extraordinary woman was so much fun! These sessions get my creativity flowing! A little about Faye Downey… As a female soccer, rugby, and olympics coach, she has been in the background of so many amazing athletes. She holds an MSc BSC in Sports Science, is a UEFA Fitness Panel … Read more

personal brand photography

Sharing Your Story – Personal Brand Photographer – Hampton Roads Photographer

Support. I feel that this simple word completely explains this family. When I see Kristin & Justin together, I see how much they support one another. Through business growth, personal challenges, and enormous blessings… this couple completely supports one another. Read on to learn more about this amazing couple and how capturing the authentic moments … Read more

Get to the Gym – Branding Photographer – Hampton Roads

The photos you share should reflect the story of your business. I have taken photos at Natural Bodyz Fitness several times. I was invited back to take photos of their two new hires. In speaking with the owner of the gym I was able to learn a little about his new hires and how he … Read more

Professional Hair & Makeup: My Experience – Branding Photography

This smile is the moment I checked my hair & makeup in the mirror and decided my next goal in life is to afford to be able to hire Shay to clean me up every day!!! I’m kidding! BUT for my own branding shoot, I knew I needed my amazing makeup artist & hairstylist friend … Read more

Private School Headshots – Hampton Roads Photographer

I recently had the pleasure of taking photos for Star Pointe Academy in Suffolk, VA. Their “mission is to develop confident, creative, and intensely self-driven college and career-bound adolescents who will blossom into a deep, personal relationship with Christ, develop a heart for service, and who will be sought out for their international level of expertise, ideas, … Read more

water country

Working with Water Country USA — Hampton Roads Photographer

Recently, I have been incredibly blessed to be able to work with Water Country USA. I came about this opportunity due to my connections through my BNI chapter. Fresh Level Productions was a member of my chapter a couple years ago. We had worked several different projects together. Having moved across the country, the owner, … Read more

family portrait

Being Adaptable — Hampton Roads Photographer

One thing I have had to learn over the years is how important it is to be adaptable as a photographer. While consistency in product is key, being able to adapt to conditions or a client’s vision is key. Remote Employees I have worked with a lot of clients who have home offices in different … Read more

professional headshot

The Importance of Authenticity with Professional Headshots — Hampton Roads Photographer

Clients regularly come to me and ask me what “special” thing they need to do to prepare for their professional headshots. Really, YOU are what makes your professional headshot special. You should strive to be your best self that day, but don’t try to change who you are. If you are someone who is constantly … Read more

professional headshots

Utilizing The Studio — Hampton Roads Photographer

In February, I became co-owner of The Studio Hampton Roads along with fellow photographer and friend, Samantha Fehling of Sami Roy Photography! It has been a whirlwind adventure to say the least and so amazing. The Studio provides me with a space to work and create that is my own but is also a separate … Read more

Scheduling Office Headshots — Hampton Roads Photographer

I frequently have offices contact me about providing headshots for one or two employees at a time. However, it is much more convenient to all and better for a company’s brand to have me come in and update headshots for everyone all at once. Most don’t know, but I discount per person to make this … Read more

How Often Should I Update My Professional Headshot? – Hampton Roads Photographer

“How often should I update my professional headshot?” is a question I get asked quite a bit. I have had clients that come to me roughly every 6 months and some that come to me for the first time having not updated their headshot for 10+ years. So, I would like to give you some … Read more

Male Professional Headshots – Hampton Roads Photographer

Taking a male professional headshot can seem a bit more challenging. There are less obvious poses with men, but knowing subtle ways to better the pose will help the entire session. Firstly, it is the responsibility of the photographer to communicate with the client those subtle changes they need to make for the best possible … Read more

Beach Real Estate Photography – Hampton Roads Photographer

Real estate photography isn’t something that I advertise too heavily but it is something that I enjoy doing. This particular house is a BEAUTY! An amazing property on the water, near a great local beach with all sorts of special amenities. If you’re looking for the perfect house for jet skis, boating, relaxing by the pool, … Read more

Locker Room Bridal Portraits at Greenbrier Country Club — Hampton Roads Photographer

Recently, I was lucky enough to capture the incredibly special wedding of two AMAZING people! It was a fun-filled, slightly hectic day but oh so amazing. I couldn’t help but laugh as I was going through photos though… So, almost everyone plans their wedding day down to the minute. But very rarely does everything pan out … Read more

Last Second Headshots – Hampton Roads Photographer

One thing I feel I have a knack for recently are last second headshots. Several clients over the last week have come to me needing headshots taken that week or even that DAY! Medical students applying for residencies, someone recently starting a new position, and speakers at conventions have been some of my recent clients … Read more

Capturing Your Family’s Character — Hampton Roads Photographer

I really love when I get clients who are able to make time for a full session, especially when they have little guys! This gives me the time to get to know their family and capture who they really are in a comfortable setting. The standard posed family photos can be great, but it’s soooo … Read more

Who’s in Your Circus? — Hampton Roads Photographer

I am sure you have heard the phrase: “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” I like to take this thought a few steps further… In life or in business, it is all about who you spend your time on. I like to surround myself with happy, creative, successful people. Now, I don’t see … Read more

Personalize Your Medical Professional Headshot — Hampton Roads Photographer

Choosing a doctor, whether it be general practice or a specialist, can be quite challenging. I’ve noticed in my own searches for doctors that most medical professionals have headshots that are very standard and impersonal. As a customer, this makes it difficult for me to find a doctor that I know I will be comfortable … Read more

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