Habesha Momma Final Mile — Hampton Roads Photographer

I would like to use my blog as a platform to discuss an amazing cause brought to light by some amazing women here in Hampton Roads. Habesha Momma is a non-profit organization with the slogan: Changing Lives, Transforming Furtures. And that is exactly what they are doing in so many ways. In November of 2015, they … Read more

Personalize Your Engagement Session — Hampton Roads Photographer

Why do I include engagement sessions in my wedding packages? To get to know my couples! I love love love working with fun, unique couples. The engagement session gives me the time to learn about what brought the couple together and what keeps them together. We get the time to work together before the wedding and feel … Read more

Supporting & Celebrating Mothers — Hampton Roads Photographer

Mother’s Day is such a wonderful time to celebrate the women in our lives but it is also a great time to support those women. This Mother’s Day, I want to highlight an amazing woman who is using her beautiful talent to support her family while celebrating women. I have known Ana Padgett with Chicka … Read more

Authentic Family Photos – Hampton Roads Photographer

Sometimes sessions don’t go exactly how you plan them to… You spend hours picking out the perfect outfit, browsing through Pinterest for cute poses, picking up balloons, getting the dog groomed, and getting everyone ready. Then you show up to a cold, windy beach and the moment your child steps out of the car…they scrape … Read more

Virginia Miss Amazing 2017 – Hampton Roads

This was my second year photographing the Virginia Miss Amazing Pageant. To say these girls are inspiring is an understatement. I always leave the event feeling so excited and motivated. This year’s organizer, Sharon Turner, did an amazing job organizing this special event. “Miss Amazing is a nationwide program that provides opportunities for girls and women … Read more

Dr. Marion Constantinides Session – Hampton Roads Photographer

  I recently had the pleasure of taking headshots for Dr. Marion Constantinides. Dr. Constantinides is a doctor at Applied Health. Their goal is to balance structure, biochemistry and emotions to find optimum health for their patients. Not only is she knowledgeable in what she does, but she cares about her patients.   Dr. Constantinides was recently … Read more

Rhena Leland Kangen Water – Hampton Roads Photographer

Rhena Leland has been a close friend of mine for quite some time. She is an amazing business professional and a brilliant person. I was so thrilled to take her professional headshots recently. Of course, I had to take the opportunity to ask her some questions about her alkaline water machines.         … Read more

Add Some Color to Your Professional Headshot – Hampton Roads Photographer

I tend to see a lot of folks who just want a plain professional headshot. For some reason, the plain black backdrop has become the standard for professionalism in the area. I certainly don’t mind this approach, in some cases, but it takes away the opportunity to personalize your headshot. To add just a little … Read more

How to Use Professional Headshots for Your Business – Hampton Roads Photographer

I have had several clients tell me, “I have my professional headshots…now what?” It’s important to realize all the different benefits professional headshots can bring to your business. You should consider the headshot expense as part of your marketing strategy. 1. Social Media Social media is probably the number one place my clients display their professional … Read more

How to Achieve an Effective Professional Headshot – Hampton Roads Photographer

Your professional headshot tells potential clients who you are and what you do. You want to make sure that it reflects your personality and attracts the types of clientele you are looking for. One of the most common mistakes I see with professional headshots is that they can be too uniform. People put too much effort … Read more

Getting Ready for Your Family Session — Hampton Roads Photographer

Getting ready for a family session can be stressful, but it doesn’t need to be! Here are some tips to have a successful family session… 1. Let Your Children Dress Comfortably. Tight collars, bowties, lacy dresses…they are all so cute but can be oh so uncomfortable. I LOVE LOVE LOVE adorable children in adorable outfits, … Read more

Should I Hire a Professional Photographer for My Corporate Event? – Hampton Roads Photographer

One question I hear quite often is “Why should I hire a professional photographer for our office party?” Whether you are having a small office party to boost employee morale or you’re throwing a large event for customer appreciation, hiring a professional photographer can be truly beneficial. Here are 3 reasons why: 1. You can’t be everywhere … Read more

5 Quick Tips For Your Professional Headshot – Hampton Roads Photographer

Preparing for a professional headshot can be stressful — but it doesn’t have to be! Your professional headshot is the first impression your clients will have of you. It should reflect who you are in the most positive light. Here are 5 Quick Tips to ensure a positive professional headshot experience. 1. Hire a Professional … Read more

Nick & Diana Wedding Photography – Leah Ariel Photography – Hampton Roads Photographer

I was so thrilled to capture this amazing wedding! I first ran into the gorgeous bride, Diana, at a networking event and we hit it off right away bonding over our husbands’ love for zombies. When I sat down with Nick & Diana and heard all of the fabulous details of their wedding, I was … Read more

“Wake Up America” with Lisa Pitts – Leah Ariel Photography – Hampton Roads Photographer

Just last week I had the opportunity to watch the taping of the TV show, online “Wake Up America” with host Lisa Pitts. It was incredible getting to hear from such a remarkable, motivational woman about her experiences and religious beliefs. I believe it is an important value to align yourself with other motivated, moral … Read more

Wildlife Release – Leah Ariel Photography, LLC – Hampton Roads Photographer

    My mother always taught me that life is short and to live every day like it will be your last. Yesterday, I had three choices when I woke up in the morning: go to church, work on school work, or go see baby turtles released back into the wild. While I’m not advocating … Read more

Dr. Christine Bacon & The Chrysler Duck – Leah Ariel Photography – Hampton Roads Photographer

Dr. Christine M. Bacon is one of the most remarkable women I have had the pleasure of working with! I met her at a BNI meeting where my mother introduced us. She needed a photographer to capture one of her relationship seminars. At the seminar, I believe I truly got so much more than just … Read more

Importance of a Professional Headshot – Leah Ariel Photography – Hampton Roads Photographer

Living in a time where image is everything, it’s especially important to make sure you have a professional headshot that really identifies who you are, as well as what you do. I am part of a business networking group known as BNI (Business Network International). Every week I meet with about 50 local business professionals … Read more

Lifestyle, At-Home Boudoir Photoshoot—Leah Ariel Photography

My goal with each and every one of my boudoir shoots is to make my client feel comfortable, but nothing makes them feel more comfortable then shooting in their own home! Shooting at home really gave me the opportunity to create a unique experience for my client. With her husband away at sea, I had … Read more

Leah Ariel Photography – Punk Rock Boudoir Photography

Its been forever since I’ve sat down and written a blog post! With my awesome, new website, created by my good friend Justin Lewis of Avid SEO (, I wanted to start blogging again. Boudoir is truly where I feel I can excel in my work. I particularly like to work with other local, talented … Read more

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