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I really love when I get clients who are able to make time for a full session, especially when they have little guys! This gives me the time to get to know their family and capture who they really are in a comfortable setting. The standard posed family photos can be great, but it’s soooo much more meaningful when the session is fun and captures the family’s character.

Here are some things I look for when I’m capturing genuine family photos…

1. Get Close
Those stoic posed photos where everyone is an arms length away from one another likely doesn’t describe how your family really interacts. If you have little kids, you know that they spend the majority of the day on your lap…or more accurately on top of your head. So, don’t be afraid to snuggle and be close during your session!
family photos

2. Let Kids Be Kids
Too often I get sessions where the parents or grandparents really want the children to sit still and focus. Small children really aren’t designed for that and that’s not who they really are. These magical, playful years are so short…capture them while you can! I like to let children play, run, jump, whatever they need to do.
family photos 

3. It’s Not All About the Kids
Okay, we all love looking at pictures of the little guys, but they aren’t the only thing that make up your family. You and your husband, wife, partner, etc are growing along with your children. One day, you will really appreciate looking back on your photos together and seeing how you two grew old together over the years.
family photos
4. Change Up the Scenery
When time allows, I like to give my families multiple styles of photos and backgrounds. This way they have options to choose from when using their photos to decorate their homes. It also helps the kids when you give them the opportunity to walk to different locations and explore new areas during the session.
family photos
5. Include Multiple Generations…if you can
I always tell my friends and clients to take family photos every time they have family in town that don’t live in the area. You never know how your family may change over time so it’s important to capture these moments while you can. Not only that, but kids always have more fun with their grandparents! There are way more tickles and laughs that really bring out the joy in the session. These are such special moments to capture.
family photos

I loved getting to work with this family. They were so much fun and were so great together. Shout out to the mama in these photos, Samantha Fehling with Sami Roy Photography. It’s great having talented friends to share this business with.

— Leah <3

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