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To me, product photography is like therapy. It is calming, relaxing, and personal. There isn't the pressure of a clock ticking down, I'm not surrounded by people, and I can take the time to think steps through.

Don't get me wrong, I looooove working with my amazing clients. But when I'm working with a client my focus is divided on a million different things and my brain is working fast. I'm watching my client's hair, expressions, body language. I'm watching how the light is falling, if I'm outside I'm considering how much time I have until it's in a new direction. I'm considering camera settings. I'm watching the details in the background. I'm thinking about what I am able to edit to improve this image when I get it on my computer. And I'm watching my watch to see how much more time I have left with this client. My mind is racing the entire time.

When I'm photographing products I'm able to take my time to position things, to adjust my lighting. And if things aren't ideal in that moment? No problem, I'll walk away and come back to it later. This custom watch band from My Hero Creations is the perfect example. I watched my light reflect on the glass and moved it around. I played with the accent pieces around it. I took my time and it felt incredibly peaceful.

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