How to Use Professional Headshots for Your Business – Hampton Roads Photographer

I have had several clients tell me, “I have my professional headshots…now what?” It’s important to realize all the different benefits professional headshots can bring to your business. You should consider the headshot expense as part of your marketing strategy.

1. Social Media
Social media is probably the number one place my clients display their professional headshots. I would like you to think about all of the other professionals in your given profession. With so many people in your profession, it is important to set yourself aside from the competition. A unique professional image on your social media page will help you sell yourself as a brand. Being a photographer, I know that there are TONS of other photographers in my area. I use my professional headshot on my social media page to show people who I am as an artist and that my personality is unique to others in my area. Your goal on social media is to really create YOURSELF as a brand. Stand out with your headshot! Some social media sites you should look into: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.


2. Business Cards
I always highly recommended to my clients that they put their professional headshot on their business card. Again, this is all about establishing yourself as a brand. You want your clients to hire you because they want to work with YOU. One of the other great benefits of having your headshot on your business card is that it makes you memorable. How many times have you gone to a networking event, received a stack of business cards from tons of strangers, then gone home and forgotten who at least half of the people are. Having your headshot on your business card makes your face, and therefore your business, memorable.


3. Your Website
It’s all about establishing that brand. Now that the potential client has found you through social media or received your business card, they will go to view more about you and your work on your website. Having your professional headshot on your website will instantly connect who you are to your business. Their website searches won’t be just about finding the lowest price, but about the likability factor only you can bring to your business. I like to point out to my corporate clients that it is great to have original content on your website as well. It can be clear to a client that you are using stock photos and it loses the personal connection that really makes the sale.


4. Resumes
I have had several clients tell me they are using their headshots for resumes. Medical students use their headshots on their applications to various residency programs. With thousands of applications flooding into residency programs every year, they attach headshots of themselves to be different from their competition. Many realtors get their real estate license then have to find a home for their business. Many of them use their headshot to display a truly professional persona for real estate teams they are applying to. Then there are people in the arts. Whether it be acting, singing, painting, sculpting, graphic design, etc.,  being an artist is all about branding yourself. Stand out from your competition by including your headshot with your resumes.


5. Government Contracting
Every year the government awards large and small businesses billions of dollars in government contracts. That means that there are all of these businesses fighting to get the same contracts. You don’t want your proposal lost in the stack with everyone else’s. Having professional headshots and original content on your proposal will help you stand out. I have had several clients tell me that adding original photos of their work and headshots of their employees to their contracting proposal has helped them win government contracts. If you need help with government contracting, I always recommend my clients speak to Echo Logistical Solutions about how to properly go about the proposal and award process prior to submitting any bids.


I hope this really helps you utilize your professional headshot as part of your marketing strategy.

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