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One thing I feel I have a knack for recently are last second headshots. Several clients over the last week have come to me needing headshots taken that week or even that DAY! Medical students applying for residencies, someone recently starting a new position, and speakers at conventions have been some of my recent clients needing headshots right away. Not only did they need them taken as quickly as possible, they needed a fast turnaround time.

This seems to be where I serve my clients best.

1. I don’t change my prices based on need.
professional headshot
I charge all my clients fairly. Just because you have a last second need, I don’t take advantage by increasing my fees. To me, I’d rather do the right thing than just make more money.

2. I keep a flexible schedule.
gym professional headshots
For the most part, I keep my schedule pretty flexible. I have done headshots at 7:00am for a client before they had to go to work and I have done headshots for a medical student at 9:00pm who just finished up hospital rounds. Everyone has a different, crazy life so I do my best to accommodate all schedules.

3. I have a fast turnaround time.
outdoor professional headshot
For professional headshots, my turnaround time is within one week. However, I have had clients need professional headshots within a day or two. I do my best to accommodate clients on their turnaround time as well.

4. I offer various styles of professional headshots.
Being accommodating to my clients also means adapting their headshots to their needs. Some clients prefer very professional styled headshots, some prefer something more casual. Some want studio backdrops, some want outdoors, and some want headshots in their office. My setup is entirely mobile and can be tailored to my clients wishes.

No matter if a client wants to book now or two weeks from now, I like to be able to serve my customers in the best way I can.

I look forward to working with you! – Leah <3

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