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Taking a male professional headshot can seem a bit more challenging. There are less obvious poses with men, but knowing subtle ways to better the pose will help the entire session.

Firstly, it is the responsibility of the photographer to communicate with the client those subtle changes they need to make for the best possible outcome. I always recommend working with a photographer who has a long history of taking professional headshots. It is important that the photographer understand the look the client needs to project with their headshot and various ways to achieve that look.

So, here are a few tips for achieving a more flattering male professional headshot…

1. Chin up. Chin out.

A “strong chin” is not only very flattering on a man, but subtly suggests an authority. I recommend having the photographer slightly higher than you and turn your head towards the photographer, naturally drawing the chin up and out.

2. Come off personable. 

Most professions have quite a bit of competition and potential clients are more likely to shop around before choosing who they will work with. Projecting a personable demeanor will make you seem more open to potential clients. Make sure that your pose isn’t too stiff without slouching. Relax by placing a hand in your pocket or leaning in towards the camera. For instance, in the example below, the headshot is for a client who will be teaching classes and has several speaking engagements scheduled.

3. Choose your appearance carefully.

Think about your professional goals. How would you dress when meeting with a potential large client? While there are a few professions that can get away with dressing more relaxed (many in the trade industry), most professions require a suit and tie. If you would like to project an air of success to potential clients, this should be shown through the details of your appearance. Be sure your facial hair is well groomed, your hair is styled, and your outfit is put together.  Think about the little details: the watch you are wearing, your socks match your tie, your suit is ironed, etc.

I hope these tips help you when you schedule your next professional headshots!


— Leah <3


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