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Why do I include engagement sessions in my wedding packages? To get to know my couples!

I love love love working with fun, unique couples. The engagement session gives me the time to learn about what brought the couple together and what keeps them together. We get the time to work together before the wedding and feel more comfortable together. It also gives me the couple a chance to learn more about my photography style.

So, here are some ways to personalize your engagement session like this fabulous couple:

1. Think about the first time you met…
engagement photography
For this couple…they met in a gym. Which made the perfect theme for our engagement session! Think about the moment you met your other half, how can you turn it into a perfect engagement session? If you can’t think of something…maybe I can!

2. What makes the two of you laugh?
engagement photography
Think about the things you love to do together. Those times you laughed so hard you cried. Try to incorporate those moments into your session to bring out some genuine laughter.

3. The moment that made you say, “I love you.”
engagement photography

What were you doing, where were you, the moment you decided to say “I love you.” Whether you were driving down the road or at a fancy restaurant, that moment is special. Find a way to relive that moment during your session.

4. Capture those little day to day moments.
engagement photography

engagement photography

engagement photography

Every relationship has those big defining moments. But, true love really exists in those day to day moments. Those little things your special someone does for you that makes you stop, look at them, and fall in love all over again. Every engagement session should include a couple of those moments.


Make your engagement session special!

— Leah <3

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