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Choosing a doctor, whether it be general practice or a specialist, can be quite challenging. I’ve noticed in my own searches for doctors that most medical professionals have headshots that are very standard and impersonal. As a customer, this makes it difficult for me to find a doctor that I know I will be comfortable with. Make sure your headshot would make a patient feel comfortable with you.

1. Have the session in your office…
doctor headshot
When I spoke to Dr. Sandy Hogins, Psy.D., I really loved her calm, bright personality. I knew that I wanted this reflected in her professional headshots. Instead of offering her a studio session, I asked to do her headshots in her office. Viewing the photos of her office online, I could tell that her office really represented her character and her practice. It was important to me that her headshots reflect this as well.

2. Relax your posture…
doctor headshot
Many times I see a doctor with a headshot that feels almost intimidating. While this may work for some practices, it certainly doesn’t for all. In Dr. Hogins’ case, as a therapist you want your client to feel comfortable. This experience starts when your client first searches for you online. You want their initial perception of you to be calming so that they walk into that first meeting already relaxed.

I love creating personalized headshot experiences for my clients. No business or professional is the same, why should headshots be so cookie cutter? Think about what your medical practice represents and the clientele you would like to attract before planning your headshot session.

For more information about Dr. Sandy Hogins, Psy.D. and her practice, visit:

— Leah <3

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