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Mother’s Day is such a wonderful time to celebrate the women in our lives but it is also a great time to support those women. This Mother’s Day, I want to highlight an amazing woman who is using her beautiful talent to support her family while celebrating women.

I have known Ana Padgett with Chicka Chicka Bloom Bloom for about 15 years. I became best friends with her sister in middle school and Ana quickly became family. If you know me, you know that I love to support small businesses. I have a certain soft spot especially for helping women find careers that 1) make them happy 2) empower themselves & 3) allow them to spend time with their families. When Ana told me she was going to start her own business making floral arrangements for holidays and special occasions, my heart lit up. She has always had such a beautiful gift working with plants and a talent for creating. I knew that I had to help her in anyway I could. So, I used my two best skills 1) networking & 2) photography.

Read on for more information about her amazing business and some beautiful photos of her work…

florist photography

Ana’s arrangements aren’t going to be cookie cutter. Each arrangement is made with care to create something beautiful and unique.


Not only does she work hard to find beautiful flowers, she works to find beautiful vases. I was so impressed by this idea to turn an old teapot into an incredible vase.

florist photography

Watching her blossom as she works. Her hands move to feel every detail of the flowers she works with to ensure the best product for her client.

florist photography

Her incredible eye for detail. She saw things in the flowers I didn’t even notice. Colors that complimented each other, textures that flowed.

florist photography

Forgo the standard cards, Ana takes care to hand fold origami that give her pieces an extra something special.


She is an artist I trust to work with minimal direction. In this gorgeous arrangement the only direction she was given was sunflowers…

florist photography

And this adorable card was folded with dragonfly paper…dragonflies are my favorite!

florist photography

And I had NO idea that this arrangement was made special for me! My husband had placed an order with Ana without my knowledge. He told her sunflowers because they were our wedding flower. Ana knew that I love dragonflies and took the care to make every part of this arrangement unique to me. It was a wonderful surprise during the shoot when she told me to open the card. Secretly I had been pining over this arrangement the whole time. <3


So, I want to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all of the amazing women out there who are working hard to raise amazing children or who have already raised amazing adults! I want you to know that whatever your dreams may be, you can achieve them. Please let me know if there is anyway I can help you reach your goals for life <3

And please, go support my amazing friend Ana by “Like”ing her Facebook page:

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