Why Outsource? 3 Key, Not-So-Obvious Reasons Why l Hampton Roads Photographer

As a savvy business owner, mom and Executive with my family business...I wear many hats. However, part of being superwoman to the ones I love means admitting: I can’t do everything.


I am not a hairdresser...so I hire a hairstylist. Why? She knows how to cut, color and style hair. I trust her expertise and experience.


I am not a financial expert...so I hire a financial advisor. Why? He knows finances, and how to make my money go to work for me and my family. I trust his expertise and experience.


From health and beauty to home repair projects...we outsource all the time. It’s silly to think about doing our own roof repairs or (for some of us, even doing our own pedicures seems far-fetched)! Outsourcing to the experts in various fields is not only convenient, it’s smart...and here are a few reasons why.


Why Outsource? 3 Key, Not-So-Obvious Reasons Why


Yes, we all know...outsourcing saves us time. As business professionals, time is a precious commodity. Saving time means saving money. However, there are a few other reasons why outsourcing is important...and even necessary.


  1. Outsourcing is AMAZING for the local economy. 

The word ‘outsourcing’ gets a bad rap, but it’s not all about sending jobs overseas! Outsourcing and offshoring are two completely different things. I’m talking about outsourcing your needs to local business owners and companies. When I give my business to local establishments, I’m helping to grow their business. I’m helping them put money back into the economy through tax revenue and reliance on local resources. When that is done on a macro scale, the impacts to community economic development are huge!


2. Outsourcing reduces stress and anxiety.


We don’t like talking about the tough stuff in life. We don’t like thinking about the ‘what-if’s’ or the worst-case scenarios. Often when they arise, we feel like ‘no one gets us, no one understands, so how can I possibly talk to someone about this situation?’ Recently, I did a photo shoot for Kristin Paulding, a defense attorney and owner of 7 Cities Law. Kristin gets it: life. Happens. When life happens, you want someone who’s both on the prosecutorial side AND defense side of the law. You want someone who is both passionate about her field and compassionate with her clients. You want Kristin Paulding.


Listen...I completely know what it’s like to stress out and feel like I have to own everything. I’m sure my fellow Mompreneurs can agree: it’s really hard letting go. We don’t always let go of things as we should and this creates anxiety and stress! Outsourcing to a professional helps us…

  • Realize that our problems may not be as bad as they seem.
  • Gain a true perspective of what it will take to resolve our problems.
  • Identify solutions we may have never thought about on our own.

After connecting with Kristin during our shoot, I not only know that I am in good hands with 7 Cities Law if I ever need to go to court...but I am confident about referring her to friends who may need her services!


Which--brings me to my last point...


3. Outsourcing expands our own professional networks.


One of the key areas I wanted to focus on this year, is expanding my connections with local businesses. Why? When I am able to grow my network, I get to know other professionals who have skills that I or my friends may need. As I continue to grow my business, my needs change. 


Our businesses never stay the same, neither do our business needs. This is why having an extensive network of professional connections is wise...I never know when I may have a new need for a new service.


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